Monday, June 8, 2009

Why It Is My Honor

Without my girl Lily I would be dead. I would have frozen to death on one of those nights this January that were -30 degrees below zero. It is my honor to protect her from whatever dangers arise, whether they be from laundry detergent, trashbags, or spiders. It is my honor because I know that I will never have to find mice to live off of again. It is my honor because she is my girl and I am her cat and that is my duty. It is my honor because she is not just the food and water person, as Buster Theodora sometimes calls her. She is my girl. She lets me crawl into her lap and stay there as long as I want to for tummy scritches and lots of oogooes and pookoos, as Cassie calls it. It is my honor because I have my forever family with her.

She named me D'Artagnan because she thought I was as brave as the D'Artagnan in the Three Musketeers. In the book, D'Artagnan wants to become a musketeer terribly bad and he eventually succeeds, but the point is, I feel, that his job as a musketeer was to protect the royal family. This was, by extension, the monarchy and therefore the peace of the entire country of France. We, as cats in the Cat Philanthropy house, are essentially the citizens of a microcountry ruled by the beans, or, in this case, the Locke family. It is my job as chief of security to handle keep the beans safe, including my girl Lily.

This blog is mine alone to discuss my adventures protecting my girl and my family.

It's also my honor to welcome you!

-D'Artagnan du Chat Noir, "All for one and one for all!"


  1. It is very nice to meet youz, too. Yes, we knowz dat da 'beanz is 'portant. Our momma isn't our slave, she is our momma an' l♥ves us yike a momma does her babies. Dat is a berry good feeling inside da ♥.

  2. Hello, D'Artagnan! We are glad you got your own blog! you have a very important job taking care of your Girl!

  3. Welcome, D'Artagnan! It is wonderful to meet you. :)

    Protecting ladybeans is a VERY important job for a mancat. Purrs!

  4. D'Artagnan--it is my honor you visited my blog. What a cat with words! So talented and a great picture you painted. Your lady is lucky to have you! I look forward to reading more of your 'tails' of adventure! To be one of your musketeers (I am in Texas tho)is a TRUE honor.


  5. D'Artagnan! One for all and all for one!!! You are a wonderful Musketeer to protect Lily and the Family!! (((((((HUGS to you all!!!!))))
    Your FL furiends,

  6. Hi ya, D'Artagnan! It's so nice to meet you! We can't wait to hear stories of how you protect your girl!!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  7. Welcome D'Artagnan! You sound like a fine fellow!

  8. L- Love the background.. D'Artagnan, You sound like a wonderful protector..

  9. Hey there, D'Artagnan! We just saw your comment on the Island Cats and followed the link back here so we could introduce ourselves. We'll have our human add your feed to our reader so we can keep up with you.