Saturday, July 25, 2009

It Is My Honor to Present the Musketeer Meme!

The cousinbean Cassie thought it would be great if I started my own musketeer meme that all the feline musketeers across the Cat Blogosphere could use and add to.

About once a week, in addition to a new post, I'll post a household danger that we muskeeters must protect our beans from. Then you fellow mancats and musketeers leave a comment or post on your blog on how you protect your beans from this danger.

If you want to participate, link your blog's home address or leave a comment!
You do not have to be a mancat, a mancat-in-training, or even male to participate! Remember, there is once instance (that my girl knows of) in musketeer history when a woman snuck in to join the muskeeters. That woman turned out to be one of the best musketeers, so everyone is welcome!
Take the little meme sign, please!